AirWard Van's RV-10 - Tunnel Access Panel Kit

AirWard Van's RV-10 - Tunnel Access Panel Kit

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AirWard has developed a vertical Access Panel Kit for the forward Tunnel area after the Tunnel is covered by either the stock Van's cover or a fiberglass cover.  The ease of access is simplified by use of countersunk 8-32 Machine Screws. Access to the Tunnel is required periodically when inspecting the Fuel System, cleaning the Fuel Filter and general inspection of the Brake Lines, Heater Hose and cable/wire routing.  The Access Panels can be installed on either the left, right or both sides of the Tunnel. The Tunnel cutout is 11" X 7", the final opening is 10" X 5 3/4".  Both the aluminum cover and reinforcement are .040" thick.

The Kit consists of the following:

1 - Tunnel Access Reinforcing (Doubler) Plate;

1 - Tunnel Access Cover Plate;

12 - K1000-08 Anchor Nuts;

12 - MS24694S4 Screw, Machine - Countersunk;

11 - LP4-3 Pull Rivets;

50 - AN426AD3-3-5 Rivet, Solid - Countersunk;

1 - Copy of AirWard's Installation Instructions and Photos.