Van's RV-10 - For Sale

Van's RV-10 - For Sale

  • $89,000.00
  • Save $31,000

NOT AVAILABLE ONLINE - FOR INFORMATIONAL USE ONLY. Call or email for any further questions.

Nearly Complete Quick Build Kit:

Fuselege: 95% Complete;

Wings: 100% Complete;

Control Surfaces: 100% Complete;

Electrical/Avionics Wiring: 100% Complete;

Fuel System: 100% Complete;

Hydraulic System: 100% Complete;

Landing Gear: 100% Complete;

Additional Systems:

Airconditioning System; Ram Air Installed; Oxygen System Installed; Parking Brake Installed; Modified Main Door Hinges Installed; Advanced Avionics Control Module installed; many extras.

Items Needed to Complete:


Firewall Forward Kit;





Kit Purchased 2005; Built by A&P/IA;

Hangared at Columbia Airport, Columbia, CA (O22) - 150 miles east of San Francisco.

Must see to appreciate - $89000.