AirWard ONEX - Glare Shield Removal Kit (Pull Rivets)

AirWard ONEX - Glare Shield Removal Kit (Pull Rivets)

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AirWard has developed a kit to allow the Windshield, Glare Shield, Fuel Tank and Instrument Panel to be removed.  This will require installing nutplates and screws in place of the pull rivets.  Also, enclosed are four nutplates to install on the Fuel Tank Straps for ease of installing/removing.  For ease in removing/installing the Windshield, we have a 26" x 3/4" x .032 aluminum backing plate with nutplates.

The Kit consists of the following:

Qty                      Description

81                    Double Wing Miniature Nutplates

24                    Elastic/Metal Nuts

6                       Washer Head Screws

66                    Truss Head SS Screws

46                    Countersunk SS Screws

89                    Thin SS Washers

18                     Flat Washers

30                     Countersunk SS Washers

190                  Pull Rivets

2                      Aluminum Strips

5'                     Anti-Chafe Material

2                      Taps (for cleaning out Nutplates after they are installed)

1                       Installation Instructions