AirWard ONEX/SONEX - Fuel "Burp" Elimination Kit - with Gascolator

AirWard ONEX/SONEX - Fuel "Burp" Elimination Kit - with Gascolator

  • $449.00

This ONEX/SONEX/WAIEX.XENOS Kit is the Complete Kit that includes BOTH Fuel Flex Lines (Fuel Feed Line with Gascolator) and all the Hardware required to complete.

AirWard has developed a "Burp" Elimination Kit to alleviate any chance of an air bubble entering the AeroInjector and causing that "puckering" sensation when the engine stumbles.

The Kit consists of all the plumbing and hardware required to install a self contained system that redirects any air up to the vent system on the top of the Fuel Tank and then overboard.  A "Tee" is inserted prior to the AeroInjector with a line going up to the top of the Fuel Tank.  This line is always full of fuel, based on the level of fuel in the Tank.  This keeps a positive pressure on the AeroInjector and a path for any air to exit.

Note: This Kit was adapted for the ONEX and VW Engine with Aeroinjector.  Some changes may have to be made to accommodate any different SONEX Aircraft or Engine/Injector Installation.