Kit, Wing Access - PA28/32

Kit, Wing Access - PA28/32

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This Kit allows for access to the area between the Fuel Tanks and the Fuselage on all PA28/32 Aircraft, except the Retractable Aircraft (No area to install - due to the placement of the Wheel Wells).

Piper Mandatory Service Bulletins 1244C and 1304A require access to the Main and Aft Spar to accomplish a visual inspection for corrosion and protection of the Spars.

The Kit consists of the following for both wings:

2 each - 38571-002 Reinforcing Plates;

2 each - 38572-002 Access Covers;

16 each - 414-761 (MS24693S48) Screw, 8-32 - 3/8" Long - Machine - Countersunk - Non Structural - Cadmium Plated;

40 each - 420-722 (AN426AD4-4) Rivet, Solid - 1/8" Diameter - 1/4" Long - Countersunk - Aluminum;

Drawing/Instruction Detail.

AirWard provides the followings extras:

16 each - MS24693C48 Screw, 8-32 - 3/8" Long - Machine - Non Structural - Stainless;

Copy of AirWard "Helpful Hints" for installation and tools required to complete along with photographs.

Note: This Kit allows access to the rear of the Main Spar and front of the Rear Spar.  Most aircraft have an Access Hole just forward of the Main Spar between the Fuel Tank and the Fuselage.  If your aircraft does NOT have  this Access Hole - you should consider a separate set of Access Covers to inspect the forward area of the Main Spar. The only other access is through the Lightning Holes in the Rib on the Fuselage side of the Fuel Tank - which means removing the Fuel Tank (MSB 1006).