MSB1375 Both Main Gear Hardware Kit - PA28/32

MSB1375 Both Main Gear Hardware Kit - PA28/32

  • $69.00

The Kit consists of the following:

8 each AN525-416R20 Machine Screws;

8 each AN525-416R22 Machine Screws, (for PA32-260/300/301 ONLY);

8 each AN4-11A Machine Bolts;

4 each AN4-6A Machine Bolts;

20 each MS20365-428C (MS21045-4) Machine Nuts;

20 each AN960-416 Flat Washers;

2 ounces ARDROX AV8 Corrosion Preventative;

1 each Bronze Brush

1 each Paint Brush - 1/2"

1 each Scotch Pad

Copy of MSB 1375.

Additional Items to consider when complying with MSB:

2 each AW-63901-017, Hose, Brake - From Under Wing to Brake Caliper;

2 each TPMS-1, Main Strut Seal Kit - Trimcraft.

NOTE: Since the Ardrox AV8 is a Hazardous Material - we have to ship UPS/FedEx GROUND.  If you DO NOT want the AV8 - put a note in the NOTES Section when checking out and we will send Priority Mail and refund $10.00.