AirWard Piper MSB1006 Fuel Tank Inspection Kit (PA28-140/150/160/180/235) Cherokee

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VERY IMPORTANT : When ordering this Kit - be sure and include your Aircraft Model, Serial Number and/or "N" Number - in the "NOTES" Section. (This will ensure you receive the proper Kit).  Also, early PA28-140 Aircraft were shipped with Cadmium Washer-Head Screws surrounding the Fuel Tanks - If you want the original type screws - when ordering - make a note in the Notes Section.

AirWard offers this series of inexpensive Kits to comply with the Piper Mandatory SB1006. The Kits save you over 40% on the price of sourcing everything and are very convenient. Each Kit contains just the right amount of materials and are complete right down to the screws, gaskets and instructions. Everything you need to deal with this service - all in one box.

  1. Inspect for corrosion and treat the spar areas behind the fuel tanks
  2. Replace fuel/vent lines that are now very old and brittle.

Most Pipers have NEVER had their tanks off. Unchecked spar corrosion and deteriorating fuel lines present significant safety and longevity problems. Let alone loss of investment.

For those of you that do not have access to a Pneumatic Screw Removal Tool Kit.  We have one available from Aircraft Tool Supply.  This Kit is very helpful for those stubborn tank screws.  The last thing you want to do is strip the head on one of these screws as this will make removing a fuel tank a miserable job. You need access to a Pneumatic Rivet Gun to use this Kit.

Piper Mandatory SB1006 should be complied with every 7 years.

NO FAA Form 8130-3 will be included.

If any HOSES require FAA Form 8130-3 - call/e-mail for quote.

You may want to consider complying with Piper MSB1375C, Main Gear Hardware Replacement - as access to the Screws and Bolts on the Main Gear is through the Main Spar "Lightning" Holes. You can order MSB1375 Hardware Kit at MSB1375.

All MSB1006 Kits are shipped Ground (UPS/FedEx) due to Ardrox (Dinitrol) AV8 Corrosion Preventative being flammable (HAZMAT).

FREE SHIPPING applies to Continental U.S. Only.

You may need some of the following parts or tools:

2 - CCA-1550 Fuel Drain Valve (Bayonet Style);

2 - F391-187 Fuel Drain Valve (Flush Style);

Note: If you find your Fuel Cap is loose after tightening, you may need a 1/8" Thick Gasket (RG-325).

2 - 462-056 Fuel Cap Gasket - 1/16" Thick or

2 - RG325 Fuel Cap Gasket - 1/8" Thick;

36625-002 Fuel Vent Discharge - Left Wing;

36625-003 Fuel Vent Discharge - Right Wing;

AT540A-Kit Screw/Bolt Removal Kit.

You may want to consider Piper Mandatory Service Bulletin MSB1375D - replacement of ALL the Main Gear Attach Screws, Bolts Washers and Nuts.  With the Fuel Tanks removed - access to these parts are simplified through the Main Spar "Lightning" Holes.