AirWard - Kit, Piper MSB 977 - Access Covers (Baggage Compartment) - PA28/32/34/44

AirWard - Kit, Piper MSB 977 - Access Covers (Baggage Compartment) - PA28/32/34/44

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Field reports indicate that some Piper aircraft may be experiencing corrosion on the steel rear Wing Attach Fittings.  It appears that over time, should the seals for the windows and doors NOT be maintained, leaks may develop which, if not corrected, will allow an ingress of water.  This water contamination will wet the insulation around the rear Wing Spar Attach Fitting creating a highly corrosive environment.   In addition, inspection access is difficult on some early aircraft in the PA-28 Series and require that inspection access panels be installed to ease inspection in this area.

This Service Bulletin requires the following:

Addition of two Access Panels to the rear floorboard (where required);

Inspection to determine condition of the aircraft window and door seals and, if necessary, the corrective action needed;

A one time inspection to determine the condition of the Rear Wing Attach Fittings;

Inspection of the insulation material around the affected area;

And the addition of drain holes at the aft attach fitting area.

The Kit includes the following:

2 - 62109-000 Covers;

16 - 8RX3/8THA,SS #8 Sheet Metal Screws - Stainless;

16 - A1348-8Z1D Tinnerman Nuts;

1 Ounce - Ardrox (Dinitrol) AV8 Corrosion Preventative;

1 - 1/2" Paint Brush;

1 - 4" x 5" Scotch-Brite Pad;

1 - Copy of Piper SB 977 Inspection of Wing Attach Fitting.


All shipments are shipped Ground (UPS/FedEx) as Ardrox (Dinitrol) AV8 Corrosion Preventative is flammable and HAZMAT.


The following models are affected: