Washer, Flat - .390" ID - .625" OD - .065" Thick

Washer, Flat - .390" ID - .625" OD - .065" Thick

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As of March 11, 2021 - Piper Aircraft has RECALLED the current batch of 5000 Washers shipped out and in circulation, due to lack of Quality Control. As of today, 3/18/21, no estimate as to reissue date.  We are currently OUT OF STOCK. Washers are Back Ordered from Piper Aircraft.  You can continue to Order and we will ship ASAP.  All Orders will be considered on a "First Come - First Served" basis.

The Piper Aircraft Flat Washers are used during the installation of the Bolts connecting the Main Spar to the Fuselage. One edge of the Washer has a slight roundness as to lay up against the Main Spar when installing the Bolts, either under the Bolt Head or before installing the Nuts. 

Used On ALL Piper PA28/32 Main Spar attachment to Fuselage

Minimum Order: 6