AirWard Piper MSB1242A Rudder Bar Inspection/Repair - PA28/32/34/44

AirWard Piper MSB1242A Rudder Bar Inspection/Repair - PA28/32/34/44

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Piper Aircraft recommends Mandatory Service Bulletin MSB1242A be complied within the next 100 hours of operation. Aircraft that have complied with Service Letter 671, in its entirety, must still comply with MSB1242A, Part 1

For aircraft with over 1200 Hours of operation, inspect the Left Side Rudder Bar (where the tube goes from the left side to the right side) for cracks.  Note: we have had two cases where the Rudder Pedal Arms are not aligned to each other - it has been the pilot's left Rudder Pedal Arm that has deflected (pushed toward the Firewall) thus twisting the Rudder Bar at the point where the tube goes over to the co-pilots side.  There was no cracking, but had twisted. If no crack is detected - repeat this inspection every 100 hours. If a crack is detected - remove the Rudder Bar and have it complied with MSB1242A by welding two straps where the tube starts over to the right side (see photo). During this inspection it is recommended you inspect the Rudder Bar Support Assembly, (PA-28 series, fixed gear models only, PA-32 series, both fixed gear and retractable gear models, PA-44 series) for elongated attach holes and cracks where the metal bends at the bottom of the Assembly. If the Rudder Bar needs repair of a crack or realignment prior to installing the straps - AirWard will advise as to cost of the repair.

NO FAA Form 8130-3 included.

Ship the Rudder Bar and/or the Support Assembly to AirWard and we will comply with MSB1242A with a quick turn around. To plan our schedule, email us,, when you send your unit.  You can send a check for $295 for Rudder Bar and $149 for the Support Assembly or we can accept Credit Card when they are ready to ship back.

AirWard provides return FREE SHIPPING (UPS/FedEx Ground within Continental U.S. Only).

Applicable to ALL PA-28/32/34/44 Aircraft


Note: There are 12 different Part Numbers for the affected Rudder Bar for the fleet of PA-28/32/34/44 that fall under this Service Bulletin.