Kit, Rework Aft Wing Spar per Piper MSB789B

  • $1,195.00
  • Save $300

This Kit provides parts and instructions to comply with Mandatory Service Bulletin 789B, replace (via a splicing operation) the aft wing spar fitting, as well as the inboard 10.8 inches of the aft wing spar on both left and right hand sides.

Kit consists of:

1 each 764-998 Kit (both sides);

4 ounces of Ardrox (Dinitrol) AV-8 Corrosion Preventative.

Applies to the following Piper Aircraft:

PA28-140, S/N 28-20000 through 28-7325459;

PA28-150/160, S/N 28-01 through 28-4377;

PA28-180, S/N 28-671 through 28-7305433;

PA28-235, S/N 28-10001 through 28-7310155;

PA28R-180, S/N 28R-30004 through 28R-7130013;

PA28R-200, S/N 28R-35001 through 28R-7335264;

PA32-260, S/N 32-1 through 32-7300041;

PA32-300, S/N 32-4000 through 32-7340130.