AirWard ONEX/SONEX - Engine Cowl Retainer Kit

AirWard ONEX/SONEX - Engine Cowl Retainer Kit

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AirWard has developed a ONEX Kit for retaining the top and bottom engine cowl.  Sonex supplied PK Screws that takes a while to remove and install.  AirWard's Kit uses 12 Camloc 1/4 turn fasteners for fast removal and installing the top cowl.

The Kit consists of the following:

12  SK28S3-2S          Stud, Wide Flange Fastener - Stainless

12  SK213-2               Receptacle, Adjustable - Stainless

12  SK2600-LWS       Retainer - Stainless

24  CCR264CS3-3     Rivet, Pull - Countersunk

24  AN426AD3-3.5     Rivet, Solid - Countersunk

1    AW-INSTALLER  Tool, Retainer Installer

1    213                       Template, Receptacle

1                                 Installation Instructions