AirWard ONEX/SONEX - Tie-down Kit

AirWard ONEX/SONEX - Tie-down Kit

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AirWard developed a kit for ONEX in order to Tie Down the aircraft when unattended.

The Kit consists of the following items:

2 - Eyebolts (former Cessna Tie-down Bolts)

2 - MS21047L5 Nutplates

4 - MS20426AD4-5 Solid Countersunk Rivet

Installation Instructions:

Drill 5/16" hole 4 1/2" ( or more) inboard and front side of the lower front center spar (both sides).

Align the nutplate on the top side of the hole and drill two countersunk holes for the rivets.

Rivet the nutplate in place.

You can either leave the eyebolts long for you to decide what final length you want.